Following the wrong rabbit down the wrong hole
I was never here to begin with.

Multifandom blog. And not only.
Occasionally NSFW.
P.s.I like to chat, so don't worry and send a message :3

Hi, nice to meet you!
You can call me Vera, or Yu, or whatever else you can come up with. Really, I do have lots of nicknames.

I’ve been told that saying I’m Italian makes me sound sexier, so hey, I’m Italian.
20something, student, I love languages and philology and all that jazz.
Sometimes I write, sometimes I draw, sometimes I bake. Surely I read a lot. The occasional cosplay happens.
I like white lace dresses. And leather and studs.
Travelling is one of my main passions.
I have a variegated range of interests, so I’ll post different kind of stuff up here.
Also I’m prone to believe on this site is important to clarify this kind of stuff: agender (whatever pronouns you choose to use will not bother me, but I’m a person thank you), sapiosexual, INFP.

Multifandom blog. I lead a Nori’s appreciation life.

Also, this is sometimes a NSFW blog!
Beware of the queerness, but also heterosexuality. Beware of every sexual inclination or identification, ‘cause I’ve problem with no one
(beside, if you flirt with me I’ll probabily flirt back XD)

Oh, I also like to talk with people :3
(if you want skype or facebook, you only have to ask)

Jack of all trades but king of none.
I’ve been called the illegittimate child of The Dude and Guido Contini (beside mpreg, the impossible harmony of their personalities is astounding XD).
If I’m lucky I’m second best.



sadly the python belongs to one of my friends, not to me D:

Here somewhere there’s more of my face, beside other useless notions (oh, you can see some kind of evolution!)

Most common tags beside fandom stuff:

shoes and boots

PEOPLE I FIND ATTRACTIVE/ADMIRE (in no particular order)

Michael Fassbender; Tom Hiddleston; Gianna Nannini; Svetlana Loboda; Claire Maguire; Ola Salo; Tim Schou; Milla Jovovich; Tyson Ritter; Kat Dennings; Christopher Walken; Gwen Stefani; Joan Jett; Judith Berard; Joaquin Cortés; Jacob Brent; Dita Von Teese; Romy Schneider; Eliza Swenson; Martin Freeman; Gina Carano; Karl Urban; Tom Hardy; Joseph Gordon-Levitt; Lee Pace; Jed Brophy; Aidan Turner;  Dean O’Gorman; Emily Blunt; Liam Neeson; Emma Stone; Marina Diamandis; 


Game of Thrones; Pushing Daisies; Once Upon a Time; Skins UK season 1; The Witches of Oz; Scrubs; BBC Sherlock Holmes; Teen Wolf; Lip Service; 2 Broke Girls; NCIS; Arrow; Being Human US; BBC Robin Hood; Vikings; The Almighty Johnsons; Hannibal; Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.S.; Sleepy Hollow; The Following; Black Sails; Vicious,


Basically Marvel, especially Thor and X-men. Sometimes DC, and I love my babes Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Like very much Dylan Dog and Scandinavia & The World too.
Yes, I’m a shipper. Slash/femslash/hetero.


Lots of fandoms.
The most recent are Hetalia, Katekyou Hitman Reborn, Sengoku BASARA, Togainu no chii, Bleach and the CLAMP products. The olders are infinite. Ask and you shall know.
Pro yaoi/yuri/het. 

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